Loungewear trends for 2021

Loungewear trends for 2021


You've no doubt changed the way you dress this year, so you can assume your post-pandemic style will change too. Will you remain in sweatpants? Will the masses rebel and wear long dresses and heels to counteract the lackadaisical mood of the last 10 months?

 The truth of the matter is, next year probably won't look any different than it does right now; the real transformation likely won't be discernible until a few years from 2020, as most zeitgeist shifts occur. That said, there is one thing to ascertain from this year and that is that loungewear will still be on trend in 2021.

Since March, fashion-lovers near and far have waxed poetic about clothing with relaxed sensibilities that feel comfortable, are crafted with the earth in mind, and make them feel safe and at home in their clothing.

First things first, loungewear isn't loungewear unless you can, well, lounge in it. So you can expect our designers to continue working with fabrics that feel soft to the touch and mould to the skin well. Thankfully, many of them keep the planet top of mind and craft with sustainable materials.

A common denominator with loungewear is that it's typically available in a palette of neutral colours — but not so fast. For the new year, expect to see your beloved loungey pieces in splashy, saturated colours. These bright pops offer a respite from the long, cold days of winter and transition to spring quite nicely.

 2020 is the year everyone wore loungewear in quarantine and 2021 will be the year they found ways to wear loungewear outside of the home. Once it's safe to mingle again (fingers crossed it's soon), there will likely be a smattering of at-home pieces making their way outdoors. Silky pants, cotton onesies, whatever you please — if it's spent significant time on your couch, you'll want to start thinking how it can hang in the post-pandemic world.

From cashmere jeans to blouses crafted in sweatshirt material, there is a handful of innovative designers reimagining our wardrobes staples in loungewear materials. In other words, look polished but feel comfortable — it should be no other way.

Last but not least, if you really want to test the limits with loungewear in 2021, reach for pieces that feel a bit more snazzy. While there will always be room for embellished textures and whimsical detailing, there's something that feels thoughtfully modern about formal clothing cut from comfortable fabrics.