The 2021 Fashion Trends Dominating The Runways & Your Feed, From Patchwork To Tulle

The 2021 Fashion Trends Dominating The Runways & Your Feed, From Patchwork To Tulle

After a year of loungewear and cosy clothes, easy ways to up your fashion game in the new year probably can't come soon enough. Lucky for you, there are a ton of new 2021 fashion trends on the rise that, while innovative, don't necessarily skimp on comfort either. A win-win.

Though you likely won't be going out on the town for a long while yet, there's no harm in introducing one or two new pieces to get yourself excited about fashion's year ahead — even if you're just wearing it to the grocery store. That's one of the small comforts of clothes; even if your day-to-day isn't changing, a new outfit can bring a little sparkle to your week.

While the world pretty much hit a standstill in 2020, plenty of fashion shows still went on (albeit virtually) to give consumers some insight into what 2021 might look like. To be honest, style-wise, it doesn't look half bad. There are bright and bold patterns, an update on cozy clothes, and some totally over-the-top options that'll soon take over your errand runs.

Given how minimalistic the fashion market skewed in 2020, it's not all that surprising that people want to start dressing up again. I mean, as much as I love my sweats, I have my eye on more than one completely fanciful dress. As you get ready to face down the next 365 days of the new year, check out 2021's fashion trends sure to dominate below.


2021 Fashion Trend: Luxury Loungewear

Given the fact that everyone's been living in loungewear, it only makes sense that the big fashion houses would find a way to elevate the style. Chanel, Celine, Miu Miu, and Balenciaga are just a few of the brands that have found ways to level up cosy clothes. Velvet track pants, lots of necklaces, and slinky blouses are a few of the ways you can take your athleisure to the next level.


shorts loungewear set in blue  


2021 Fashion Trend: Tulle Fantasies

A much more romantic fabric, tulle was all over 2021 runways in myriad ways. Gimabattista Valli showed voluminous dresses with layers and layers of tulle; meanwhile, Fendi and Rick Owens went a more tailored and sheer route with their tulle creations. Whatever way you decide to wear it, be bold with it. You're wearing the stuff ballgowns are made out of.


tulle skirt in pink 


2021 Fashion Trend: Knits

OK, seeing Chanel show elevated knitwear isn't completely ground-breaking, but the comfy look also made its way to Gabriela Hearst, Proenza Schouler, and Loewe runways. The knitwear looks ranged from cardigan-and-pants sets to fancy dresses, so you'll be able to take this material from the couch to any soiree 2021 might (hopefully???) bring.


large knitted vest knitted mini dress 


2021 Fashion Trend: Cow Print

Move over, snakeskin and zebra, because 2021 belongs to cow print. Animal prints have maintained their popularity ever since the summer of the leopard-print midi skirt in 2019, but 2021 is arguably all about cow. The splotchy, random pattern is more graphic than uniform snakeskin or cheetah prints, but the neutral shades mean it'll go with everything already in your closet.


cow print hats


 2021 Fashion Trend: Oversized Button Downs

Another massive runway trend that mixes comfort clothes with style is the oversized button down. This trend was shown at Valentino, Gucci, Balenciaga, Coach, and a slew of other presentations. An oversized button down could not be easier to style; you can pair it with tights, your favourite jeans, a mini skirt, or any other bottoms that strike your fancy for a professional-meets-streetwear look.


 white button down shirt blue oversized shirt white button down shirt