These 6 Colours Are the Key to an Expensive-Looking Winter Wardrobe

These 6 Colours Are the Key to an Expensive-Looking Winter Wardrobe

Once the colder weather settles in, there are a few key things we can always expect. Firstly, on weekdays, we'll be rising earlier than the sun. Secondly, we'll begin daydreaming about open fireplaces. And thirdly, we’re about to start seeing a whole lot more beige, brown, and orange tones on the rails.

Whether it is because those colours mimic the hues of the changing leaves or simply play contrast to the bright colours we typically wear earlier in the year, there is something about this season that has everyone dressing in warm, cosy tones and timeless neutrals.

It’s a tried-and-trusted colour palette that I know I turn to year after year, as each shade looks good individually but also seamlessly complements the other. We’ve noticed members of the style set also getting on board with the colour combination, as many of our fashion friends have been posting idyllic images dressed in shades of beige, cream, grey, and brown. For those wanting to add a little more colour, orange and a deep shade of burgundy have also been on high rotation.

While black and navy are also on the list for this season, I’m choosing to prioritise lighter colours. Not only do I know they will see me through the cold months, but they’ll also look just as good once the spring sun starts to show. Scroll below to shop key pieces from our favourite winter colour palette.